Mary Meade Evans


There came a point as a teenager when I realized I was an artist and wanted to pursue art above all my other interests. This strong calling was none other than my God given passion to paint. 

When finishing my senior year at The Atlanta College of Art, I had my first “abstract imagery” epiphany. This epiphany marked the journey of my soul which I have expressed through my artwork ever since. My love for painting has been transformed into a 30-year career in the decorative arts as well as a professional fine art. 

In my art studio, I try to build an intriguing bridge between classical painting and a contemporary exploration of paint, expression, and movement. I generally start with a figure or theme, then to a focus on harmonious colors, visual design, and value relationships. My paintings breathe excitement with a painterly rhythmic brushstroke. My style resides in the coveted space between abstraction and representation. 

Approaching a canvas in an abstract manner, fires up my imagination. It teaches me about the beauty that lies deep in all my experience on and off the canvas. I am constantly surrendering to stay present and embrace the sacredness of the art of painting; accepting the unexpected. There are many experiences that are providential in an artist’s life and my visual story is another way God as my higher power is conveying the intellect of my soul.